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Snowden Absolutely Demolishes James Comey with the Truth!

Say what you will about Edward Snowden. Although he is at the center of controversy, his intent to let Americans know what the government has been doing has its own merits.

Snowden called FBI Director James Comey out after Comey made comments hinting at Snowden, Julian Assange and other hackers out there during a press briefing. In regards to intelligence leaks Comey said, “This information can be deterred, and it can be deterred by locking some people up.”

Snowden quickly put the blame back where it belonged:

Snowden is right. If the government wasn’t hiding so much, they would not be afraid of what people like Snowden might find.

Comey is the head of the FBI but his team is not so secure as he claims. The FBI has been linked to several of the leaks aimed at damaging the view of President Trump.

It appears Comey knows his job is on the line and he’s trying to point the finger elsewhere