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Antifa Terrorist Slugs Cameraman, Doesn’t See the Person Right Behind Him

Moments after a member of the violent domestic terror group Antifa slugged a cameraman during a protest Sunday in Washington, a police cruiser rolled up and placed the thug under arrest.

To top it all off, as the arrest was being made, a supporter started whining, pleading with the police, “No! He attacked! This is self-defense!”

Good try, but the cameraman’s footage said otherwise.

The cameraman was Jack Posobiec, the Washington bureau chief for The Rebel Media, a Canadian news organization known for exposing social justice madness. Watch:

In another video posted shortly after, Posobiec explained what had occurred and noted that all he was trying to do was “try to give (the Antifa protesters) a platform – try to give them a voice.”

And he was assaulted for that:

He pointed out that this is just how these people function: “Antifa was founded by Leon Trotksy as a Communist combat arm of the Communist Party in other countries, and we see that today they are living up to their reputation.”

In more ways than one. According to Zero Hedge, for instance, one of the Antifa thugs seen protesting alongside the helmet-wearing future jail inmate was Paul “Luke” Kuhn, who was busted earlier this year by Project Veritas plotting “stink bomb” attacks on President Donald Trump’s inauguration party.

Zero Hedge also cited unconfirmed reports that Kuhn had in the past “made several pedophilic posts to Usenet internet groups.” One of those posts reportedly included a defense of men having sex with young boys.

The underlying point is that these are some genuinely bad guys, and despite their claim of being justice warriors trying to protect from fascism and Nazis, it is they who we should be protected from.