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White House Maintenance Guy Succeeds in Silencing Kellyanne Conway on Live TV. Dems Love It

The long knives have been out for Kellyanne Conway since she became such a potent spokeswoman for candidate and now president Donald Trump.

Political opponents have parlayed her “alternative facts” statement, but that has not kept Kellyanne Conway down for long. She has been seen on TV a lot lately.

Conway appeared on “Fox and Friends” in a wide array of interviews that covered North Korea, the budget, the border wall, and illegal drugs, among other things.

During a discussion of the border wall, a White House maintenance worker drove a vacuum truck and unintentionally interrupted Conway’s interview.

Fox host Steve Doocy quipped,

“Kellyanne, could they possibly make it louder at the White House … ?”

Yes, actually, they could. Conway announced.

Conway played it off by saying that “this road has never been so clean.”

They continued to crack jokes as the man came by a third and fourth time.

Vacuum-man came during the exchange between Conway and Doocy:

Conway: “And we’re just going to keep plowing ahead no matter who’s criticizing us.”

Doocy: “It sounds like someone’s plowing behind you.”

Anything can happen on live TV, but we’ll bet Conway’s looking into whether vacuum-man was just doing his job or looking to drive a political agenda. Either way, you have to admit that it was quite funny. And it shows once again the unflappability and good humor of Conway.