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Charles Krauthammer Gives Blunt Message for Protesters who Can’t Get Beyond Trump’s Tax Returns

Donald Trump was slammed by critics throughout the 2016 presidential campaign by refusing to release his tax returns.

While the issue has simmered after the election, it blew up again as protesters across America protested during “Tax Day” demanding everything from Trump’s taxes to his impeachment.

The question that “inquiring minds want to know” is — will President Trump ever release his tax returns? As Fox News contributor and syndicated columnist, Dr. Charles Krauthammer sees it, in a word, “no.”

“This issue is dead. It’s a dead parrot.”

Every president since Richard Nixon in 1973 through Barack Obama has released various numbers of years of returns — with the exception of Gerald Ford, who released a tax summary in 1976.

The issue is very much unlikely to fade away anytime soon though, whether it is out of concern over Trump’s taxes – or alleged justification for protesting his policies.