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American Carpenter on CNN, ‘Ivanka’s Becoming Like Hillary Clinton in the Worst Ways’

CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter went after Ivanka Trump again, saying she’s “becoming like Hillary Clinton in the worst ways.”

Carpenter – a Never Trumper who writes for Cosmopolitan magazine – said Ivanka keeps sticking her nose into government business when she’s unqualified to do so.

“She’s sort of becoming increasingly unlikable,” Carpenter said on CNN Tuesday night. “She keeps trying to get these jobs that she’s not qualified for based on family connections. And every time when she’s asked about President Trump’s poor track record towards women, she defends the bad conduct that he has exhibited in the past.”

When Trump supporter Erin Elmore reminded Carpenter that many women had voted for Trump, Amanda scoffed: “It’s a joke that our government is holding Ivanka Trump up as a symbol of female empowerment when she’s gotten everything in her life because of her father.”