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Sebastian Gorka Gets Fed Up – Tells Students They are ‘Victims of Fake News’

white House national security adviser Sebastian Gorka walked out o a question and answer period at Georgetown University saying the student protesters were suffering from “fake news.”

The deputy assistant to President Donald Trump refuted accusations that he is connected to any far-right or anti-Semitic Hungarian political organization, The Hill reported.

Gorka was invited to the university to serve as part of a panel on “fake news.” The discussion was part of a larger cybersecurity conference, but as students lined up to ask questions, they veered from the actual topic preferring instead to attack Gorka over accusations that he is a closet Nazi.

While the protesters didn’t disrupt the statements and discussion segment of the panel, sitting quietly and holding signs attacking Gorka, their intentions to disrupt the panel became clear when the Q&A session began.

The first question to the presidential advisor and former Breitbart national security editor set the tone.

“My question is for Mr. Gorka,” a man who said he is a scientist said. “The Guardian exactly two weeks ago today reported that Mr. Gorka wrote on a napkin a plan to split Libya citing a 16th Century Ottoman rule. My question is, I would like for Mr. Gorka to deny or confirm, if you can, regardless of the answer, do you think that jeopardizes the U.S. ability as a peace broker when the country is biased towards those countries.”

Gorka fired right back saying, “Absolutely, utterly, categorically deny. The idea that I did that, for anybody who knows me, again, is absurd. And anybody who thinks I would like the job posited in that article has no idea what they’re talking of.”

“And does that kind of story endanger peace-brokering in the Middle East? No. The people who write fake news definitely jeopardize stability all around the world,” Gorka added.

Several other students addressed questions about Gorka’s credentials and other issues. While not on the above video, Gorka told protesters at one point, “I’m sorry for you,” and “you are the victims of fake news,” the Hill reported.

Gorka also said that news reports that there is infighting inside the Trump administration is overblown.

“Palace intrigue sells papers and is click-bait,” Gorka said before adding that the reports he’s seen of White House meetings do not come anywhere close to what he has seen inside the White House.

Gorka eventually walked out of the discussion to the dismay of many on the Left.