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Protesters Storm Heritage Foundation

The Daily Caller posted a Facebook live video from the Heritage Foundation where Leftist protesters took over the main lobby and began chanting and shouting in protest of the President and GOP Congress’s proposed budget.

The budget proposal includes large cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, among other cuts to agencies dealing with the environment and disaster programs, a proposal which has Leftists in a fit.

Chants included shouts of “Water not walls,” and “The people will never be divided.”

The protesters occupied the building for approximately 10-15 minutes, until security was finally able to contain the situation and escort the protesters out of the building. There must have been well over a hundred or so in the lobby area, if not more. It was jam-packed.

As the protesters were taken out from the lobby, they all chanted in unison “We’ll be back.”

Via TheFederalistPapers:

Shouts and cheers could be heard from outside the building as well, where the protest continues as of 11:30 am ET. Bongo drums can also be heard as part of the protest.

Several different chants have all been made in unison, and new ones are continually coming up as they continue to chant outside the building. One of the speakers using a megaphone said that they do not appreciate strangers telling them what they need in their communities (regarding clean water, climate change issues, etc.)

(Sarcasm on) However, there is no word over whether or not they will resist the strangers at the EPA from telling them what regulations they have to comply with (sarcasm off).

One of the protest leaders spoke about her experience in Flint, Michigan and the water crisis that has been happening over the past three years. Noticeably absent was any mention of the President’s recent grant to Flint to help deal with the water crisis (convenient…).

Also conveniently left out of the conversation was the fact that Flint is a Democrat stronghold and has been so for decades. The water crisis was brought on by Leftist government incompetence.

If they want an honest protest, it might be a good idea to recognize who created the problem in the first place: government. But what are the demanding? That’s right, more government.

A Leftist organization known as “People’s Action” took to Twitter to spread the word: