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Liberal Caught Stomping on Flag by Troops – Gets BRUTAL Surprise

In a blatant disregard for everything the nation stands for, a Baltimore Maryland resident took it upon herself t do one of the most disrespectful things you can do to our symbol of freedom.

Erica Walker stood on top of a flag to show her disregard for our nation and all she stands for. When called out on her actions, she professed to be against everything the nation stands for and wants fundamental change.

Ms. Walker has denied any disrespect to troops. But it seems they believe otherwise.

In the video below you can see the National Guard Troops behind her and you will notice that they go from facing her to turning their backs on her. These are the same troops who were there to protect her right that she was so blatantly disrespecting.

She’s even done more than one video:

Everyjoe.com writes:

“My name is Erica Walker,” says the woman in the video, “and I’m about to do the Eric Sheppard challenge.” Walker holds a sign with the hashtags #EricSheppardChallenge and #HandsOffEJ written on them while she speaks. “Hands off EJ. **** your flag,” she barks, before launching into the “Running Man” dance – right on top of the American flag.

After finishing up her dance, Walker proceeds to jump up and down on the flag, screaming, “**** your flag!” The video originated on Walker’s Facebook page earlier this week, where she posted it along with a caption that reads, “You have given us NO justice so we shall give you NO peace.”

Sadly, she’s not the only one that has been desecrating the American flag this week. Walker’s actions stem from the case of Eric Sheppard, a Valdosta State University student. Sheppard, who organized a flag protest at his school earlier this month that drew national attention when a female Air Force vet tried to stop it, has apparently sparked a wave of flag-related protests across social media. He is currently wanted by police for the felony crime of carrying a gun on Valdosta State’s campus, and he might also be under the FBI’s microscope for threats he made online.

As for Walker, not much else is currently known about her. In her controversial video, she wears a University of Michigan sweatshirt, but it is unclear whether or not she is affiliated with the school itself. While some comments on the video have expressed support for her protest, most people have blasted Walker for taking it too far by involving the American flag.”

If you so despise our nation our doors are wide open, you can leave anytime. But my guess is you won’t, because you might despise everything we stand for but I’m sure you are very happy with the welfare check and all the other benefits you receive from us tax paying Americans each and every month.

And one final thought for anyone out there who thinks they have the right to disrespect these nations colors and the people who defend them. The First Amendment protects your right to make a total ass out of yourself in public without the government infringing upon that right. But the First Amendment does NOT protect you from me, nor any other Patriotic America loving citizen!