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Tad Cummins’ Sister Reveals Dark Reason Why Cummins Felt He Had to ‘Run Away’ with Teen Student

The search for Elizabeth Thomas came to an end on April 20, 38 days days after she disappeared from a Shoney’s restaurant in Columbia, Tennessee.

On March 13, Thomas was taken by her former health teacher, 50-year-old Tad Cummins, with whom she was “romantically linked.” According to earlier reports, Cummins was suspended, then later fired, after students reported seeing the pair kissing.

Cummins and Thomas were found in a small cabin in a remote area of Cecilville, California, after the police were tipped off by Griffin Barry.

According to Inside Edition.com, Barry looks after several cabins in northern California. He had met Cummins and Thomas a week earlier at a gas station.

Cummins reportedly told Barry that they lost their home in a house fire and Barry let them stay at one of his cabins. He told Inside Edition:

“At first I thought they were on hard times and lost everything, then figured it out. It was twisted.”

Upon alerting police, authorities and Barry created a plan to capture Cummins.

Once Barry got Cummins to emerge from the cabin, police detained the former teacher. Reports claim that Cummins exclaimed, “I’m glad this is over,” after being arrested.

Barry said Thomas look depressed the day they were found, and police revealed Thomas showed a wide array of emotions after her rescue.

Some believe her emotions prove she and Cummins were in some sort of “relationship.” Many, including authorities and Thomas’s father, Anthony Thomas, believe Cummins “groomed” Thomas before luring her away from her family.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), following Cummins’s arrest, he was charged with sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping. He is also facing federal charges.

Cummins’s sister, Daphne Quinn, has decided to speak out on her brother’s behalf. As The Daily Mail reports, Daphne revealed that Cummins doesn’t believe he did anything wrong:

“I asked him why — why would he do this? And the answer he gave me was that she wanted to run away and that she wanted to leave and he didn’t want her to go alone and so he went with her so that he knew she would be safe.”

She told “Today” that it seemed as if Cummins was hopeful he would get his family back, adding that she’s not sure he understands what his future looks like:

“He’s repentant sounding and I think he would like to get his family back, but I think it just hasn’t hit him yet that that’s not going to happen.”

She added that the road ahead of him is very different from any he’s ever traveled:

“He’s got a very long, tedious route ahead of him in a place that he’s never been and he’s just going to have to deal with it.”

Quinn certainly does not condone “this horrible thing, that he has to pay for,” but she does still love her brother.

Cummins is currently being held without bail at a Siskiyou County, California, jail while he awaits extradition back in Tennessee.

Thomas has been reunited with her family and is being kept in a safe location. The 15-year-old is currently getting treatment from mental health experts.