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Sessions Points Out How Cuts in Tax Credits to ‘Mostly Mexicans’ Could Pay for Border Wall

Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushed back on Sunday to the left attacking him over calling Hawaii “an island in the Pacific.”

Sessions responded to the criticism over the remark he made while talking about a judge halting President Donald Trump’s travel ban from predominately Muslim countries during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” suggesting Democrats should lighten up.

“Nobody has a sense of humor anymore,” he told host George Stephanopoulos.

Sessions also said President Trump’s border wall may be funded in part by reducing erroneously issued tax credits that go to “mostly Mexicans.”

“We’re going to get paid for it one way or the other,” the attorney general said.

“I know there’s $4 billion a year in excess payments, according to the Department of the Treasury’s own inspector general several years ago, that are going to payments to people — tax credits that they shouldn’t get,” Sessions continued. “Now, these are mostly Mexicans. And those kind of things add up — $4 billion a year for 10 years is $40 billion.

“There are a lot of ways we can find money to help pay for this.”