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President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Meet for First Time, Then Suddenly….

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At a meeting for peace negotiations in North Korea, President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met for the first time to discuss the future of their countries.

When Trump sat down in the conference room, he noticed Kim had three buttons on the arm of his chair.

After a few minutes Kim pressed the first button and a boxing glove sprung up and hit Trump square in the jaw.

In the spirit of peace, Trump decided to ignore this and continued talking until Kim pressed the second button and a wooden bat swung out and hit Trump in the chin.

Kim started to laugh, but again Trump ignored and continued.

A minute later, Trump saw Kim press the third button and he jumped in the air. Immediately, a big boot sprung out and hit him in the balls.

Trump decided he had enough and went back to America.

Three weeks later, the peace negotiations were re-scheduled in Washington D.C. and as Kim Jong Un sat down in Trump’s conference room, he noticed Trump also had three buttons on the arm of his chair.

A little while after they started to talk, Trump pressed the first button, but nothing happened except for Trump starting to giggle.

The continued to talk for a while, then Trump pressed the second button. Kim flinched, but nothing happened again. Kim was getting jumpy and Trump laughed even harder.

A few minutes later, Trump pressed the third button. At this point, Trump fell out of his chair because he was laughing so hard. But like the other button presses, nothing happened.

Kim had enough of this, stood up and said, “That’s it! I’m going back to North Korea,” to which Trump replied “What North Korea?”