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New Orleans Starts to Tear Down Historic Confederate Monuments’ They Don’t ‘Reflect Who We Are’

New Orleans is the latest city to give into PC pressure as it has started to remove confederate monuments.

And it is doing it as quietly and stealthily as possible, Fox News reported.

The Liberty Monument, which commemorated a group of people who tried to take down the bi-racial government following the Civil War, was removed by truckers at around 1:25 a.m. on Monday.

“If there was ever a statue that needed to be taken down, it’s that one,” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said, adding that it was the “most offensive” of the four monuments scheduled to be removed.

The three other statues that are set to be removed now that legal challenges have been defeated, are of Confederate Gen. P.G.T Beauregard, Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis and Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

“There’s a better way to use the property these monuments are on and a way that better reflects who we are,” the mayor said on Sunday, according to Fox News.

The city council voted 6 – 1 to remove the statues in 2015, but a legal battle was fought over them for years.

Some of the residents of the city believe the monuments are a vital part of the city’s history and want them to stay. But the mayor dismissed these concerns.

“The monuments are an aberration,” Mayor Landrieu said. “They’re actually a denial of our history and they were done in a time when people who still controlled the Confederacy were in charge of this city and it only represents a four-year period in our 1000-year march to where we are today.