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Muslim Workers Demand Colorado Company Give in to Shariah Law – They Immediately Wish They Hadn’t…

Refugee Muslim migrants got a got a hard hit of reality when they realized that Sharia law has no place in this nation. Over 200 Muslim employees stormed out of their job at a Colorado facility because they weren’t given enough prayer at work. They boss decided to respond by firing all of them.

When these people requested more breaks and got angry over being denied, they got fired. No extra breaks are allowed because of a person’s religion and that should always be the case.

Refusing to give in, the plant bosses fired over 190 Muslim employees who walked out, instead choosing to find less demanding workers. They had previously tried to negotiate with the Muslims, telling them they could pray during their allotted breaks like any other employee and even creating a room of reflection where they allowed people of all faiths to pray on their own time.

The Muslims refused this, however, saying they would not return to work until each of their demands were met exactly. Since being fired, many of the stunned Muslims have begged for their jobs back, but the company isn’t having any of it. With many Americans desperate for jobs, the company has chosen to look elsewhere instead of working with these demanding refugees again.