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Man Dies After Roller Coaster Ride at Magic Kingdom, But News of Death Has Only Been Revealed Now….

Walt Disney World, arguably the most magical place in the world, is making headlines after it was revealed that a man died after riding of the park’s roller coasters.

News of his death is being revealed now – two months after the fact.

According to reports from the Orlando Sentinel, a 54-year-old man who had just ridden the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in February collapsed and died shortly thereafter:

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The man’s death was revealed in the quarterly reports of the company, which includes all of the parks ride-related injuries and illnesses.

The man’s death certificate said he had pre-existing heart conditions, and blamed his death on natural causes.

Sheri Blanton, a spokeswoman for District Nine Medical Examiner’s Office, said the case wasn’t handled by the medical office.

Blanton said if they had no records of the man’s death, then the deceased man was likely treated by “an attending physician” at Walt Disney World who would have signed the death certificate.

Along with the unnamed man’s death, Walt Disney World Employees listed another 11 major injuries and illnesses at the park between January through March.

However, these reports list very little detail, according to New York Daily News.

Walt Disney World, among a few other amusement parks in Florida, are some of the few places in the country that are exempt from government regulations that require businesses to alert the state about injuries and deaths.