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“Tolerant” Police Can Do Nothing to Stop Man Armed with Pipe

There have been many activists against law enforcement that says they need to be more “tolerant,” more community-oriented, and less concerned with confronting individuals that they feel might pose a danger to others.

Where does that lead? Well, a viral video reportedly from the United Kingdom showed what happens when that theory is put into practice.

As the Birmingham Mail noted, almost no police officers in Great Britain carry guns. The only way that most officers can carry a gun is if they can prove they need one — and that accounts for just 4.4 percent of all police officers.

However, not having a gun is not the only way they try to be more “tolerant” than their American counterparts, as you can see below:

The video shows 11 police officers against one man with a pipe. And they back away at every opportunity.

Keep in mind even though they have no firearms, they still have batons that can be used to neutralize and arrest the man. However, they give him room.

What if he ran away or hurt someone else? Is that the same as protecting and serving?

The video has gotten nearly 8 million views.

Keep in mind that the veracity of this video can’t be verified or where it is being filmed.