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Man Sues Walmart After Strange Occuption was Printed on His Fishing License

The way a person’s career is perceived can have an impact on their life. People definitely treat people a bit differently if they were a janitor than say if they were a professor.

That perception is the reason why one university professor is suing Walmart, and it all started with a line printed on a fishing license.

Gilbert Kalonde has a doctorate degree and teaches at Montana State University. According to KBZK News in Bozeman, the professor bought the license two years ago. When the Walmart employee asked for identification, the professor used his university ID, which lists his job as “Faculty/Professional.”

That job description was not what was printed on Kalonde’s fishing license though. For reasons that have yet to have been made clear, the Walmart employee entered “CLEAN TOILETS” in capital letters.

Dr. Kalonde didn’t find the mix-up amusing. When his university teaching assistant happened to see the incorrect occupation listed on the license, the professor reportedly became embarrassed and suffered emotional distress.

It would be easy to dismiss the response as overreacting, but Kalonde’s heritage plays a role in the dispute. The Ph. D holder was born in Zambia, and explained that in his native country, “the people that do this (toilet cleaning) work are the lowest social class, and are shunned and avoided by society.”

The professor maintains he noted the error in 2016, but there was no action taken to fix the problem.

After this incident, Kalonde requested an updated license and written apology from Walmart. The store did change the license, but reportedly did not apologize.

A dispute over a fishing license may seem trivial, but the Montana branch of the ACLU is taking it seriously. According to The Daily Caller, the advocacy group is assisting Kalonde with a lawsuit against Walmart on a claim of libel.

“To our knowledge an administrative process to resolve this with Dr. Kalonde is ongoing,” stated a representative of the Walmart corporation. “We’ve not been served with the lawsuit, but we take the claims seriously and will respond appropriately with the court.”