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Elizabeth Warren Says Trump Turned Angry Voters Against People Who Aren’t Same ‘Color’ as Them

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma.) has been an opponent of Donald Trump since before he was even elected President of the United States, but now, more than ever, she has been helping lead the charge against his policies.

In a recent interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, not only did Senator Warren take the chance to go after President Trump again, but she also went after his supporters, saying that they were motivated by what she says was the candidate’s seemingly racist talking points.

She told Maddow:

“He got that people are deeply angry. […] People are right to be angry, but Donald Trump said it’s their fault — those other people. Those people who don’t worship like you, those people who don’t look like you, those people who aren’t the same color as you.”

Warren then went on to say that President Trump’s policies are bad for the blue collar and working class people who voted for him:

“He has already signed off on a law to make it easier for employers to steal their employees’ wages. […] He’s made it easier for investment advisers to cheat retirees […]

This isn’t about what Donald Trump says, this is about what Donald Trump does and he’s delivering one hit after another on working families.”

During the interview, the Senator plugged her latest book, “This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class,” and urged Democrats to keep fighting against President Trump’s administration.