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Elizabeth Warren and Joy Behar Get Together and Raise Their Trump-Hate to an Insanse Level

During a Thursday appearance on “The View,” the Massachusetts senator took her Trump-hate up an almost insane notch by comparing the American president to dictator Kim Jong-Un.

When the discussion turned to the dangerous situation in North Korea, Warren began by saying that Kim Jong-un is “an unstable man who had nuclear weapons.”

At that point, View co-host Joy Behar interjected and asked Warren if she was talking about President Trump.

In response to that, the senator smiled and said Kim Jong-un was about to deal with another “unstable man who has nuclear weapons,” referring to President Trump.

“What could possibly go wrong?” Warren quipped.

Noting that North Korea is “propped up” by China, Warren then criticized Trump in another way by saying, “That’s how it is that these lines and webs with China is really so disturbing. You never want to wonder if the leader on your side is working for the country or just working for himself … that’s why conflicts of interests matter so much.”

Warren said that a “blind trust” was the only way to protect Trump from criticism.