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Daycare Owner Assaults Child for Playing with Her Hair. She Doesn’t See Coworker Nearby

Al and Kelley Meyers have known 58-year-old Lynn Rowe for years. The couple’s two children both attended Rowe’s Learning Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

However, their 4-year-old daughter – along with 13 to 14 other children – was recently pulled out of the daycare and preschool after a video circulated of Rowe beating her for playing with her hair.

As KMTV reports, on April 3, 2017, the couple called police to report that Rowe had abused their daughter while she was in her care. A former employee reportedly captured video of Rowe hitting and shaking the girl — which she then gave to her parents.

The couple confronted Rowe, who “downplayed the situation and blamed it on the girl.” They explained to KMTV:

“That was probably as upsetting as the video — hearing her deflect and minimize the actions until she realized we had a video of it.”

According to KFOR, the unnamed former employee filmed the video of Rowe’s abuse because she was too scared to get in between Rowe and the girl. According to the Omaha World-Herald, she had children at the center as well. The employee then gave the video to the Meyers family several days after the incident:

Kelley told KFOR:

“She’s (Rowe) just lucky she wasn’t home that night after we saw the video.”

The couple’s daughter had been in Rowe’s care since she was just 11 weeks old. According to the World-Herald, Kelley said their daughter attended the center five days a week, spending six hours a day there on four out of the five days.

When they showed the video to their older son, he told them the same thing had happened to him but that he had been instructed not to tell anyone. They also showed the video to other parents, who all removed their children from the center.

When the couple spoke to KMTV, they appeared distraught. they explained:

“A lot of anger, mixed emotions too. You’re mad, you’re sad, you’re confused, upset, I mean we feel betrayed by her. We considered these people family. We entrusted them with the care of our children.”

According to the World-Herald, Rowe was arrested on April 13 on felony charges of child abuse. The following day, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services issued an emergency order closing the daycare.

Kelley said the little girl hasn’t shown any long-standing effects from the abuse. “Kids are pretty resilient,” she told the World-Herald. “She’s doing OK.”