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Andrea Tantaros is Found in the Spotlight and….it is Because of a Lawsuit

Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros filed a lawsuit for defamation against Fox News commentator Nomiki Konst and PR executive Irena Briganti.

Tantaros’ latest lawsuit is separate from the sexual harassment suit she filed in August 2016 against former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. Fox News called that lawsuit a shakedown for cash by a disgruntled “opportunist.”

In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, Tantaros accuses Konst – a liberal activist – of defaming her with a tweet where she claimed Andrea assaulted her on “The O’Reilly Factor.” Konst posted the tweet in response to early reports of Bill O’Reilly’s firing.

“Remember that time Bill O’Reilly kicked me off a weekly spot on his show after Andrea Tantaros physically attacked me and threatened me? I do!” Nomiki tweeted.

Tantaros claims Konst posted the tweet under orders from Fox News public relations executive Irena Briganti, according ot the complaint. Tantaros claims the two women colluded to make her look bad after the discovered that she was about to file another lawsuit – this time against Fox News contributor Peter A. Snyder and his investment firm Disruptor Inc.

Basically, Tantaros claims that Fox News had directed Snyder and Disruptor Inc. to launch a social media campaign to attack her after she filed her sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger AIles last summer.

In a statement to LawNews, Briganti said she had nothing to do with Nomiki Konst’s tweet: “I had nothing whatsoever to do with Ms. Konst’s decision to publish a tweet about her views on Bill O’Reilly, in which she mentioned Andrea Tantaros. I have never even met or spoken with Ms. Konst.”

Similarly, Pete Snyder denied Tantaros’ allegations and called them a “sham” and a shakedown:

The allegations about Mr. Snyder are false, and included for no other purpose‎ than to try to pressure him into a settlement, as the pleading admits. It’s a sham and a shakedown, which we won’t fall for.

In her latest lawsuit, Andrea Tantaros is seeking unspecified monetary damages from Nomiki Konst and Irena Briganti. It’s not clear when she will file her third lawsuit.

Tantaros’ suit comes on the heels of the highly publicized ouster of Bill O’Reilly. Three accusers lawyered up and took him down with allegations of sexual harassment.