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After Over a Month of Running, Tad Cummins Drops Strange Reaction to Getting Caught by Police

The nationwide search for former Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins and his 15-year-old student, Elizabeth Thomas, ended on Thursday morning when local police found the pair in a small cabin in California.

According to CNN, the cabin’s caretaker alerted the police after he recognized the couple and their vehicle from an Amber Alert. After the arrest, Siskiyou County Police Department held a press conference, which was recorded by CBS 10.

During the conference, Siskiyou County Police Sergeant Mike Gilley explained how his department found the couple, gave details about their arrest, and described the mood on the ground.

WBIR reports that the cabin owner was with a neighbor when he first met Cummins and Thomas. The teacher claimed that they were recently married, had lost everything in a house fire, and that he was 44 and she was 22.

But the owner noticed something was strange when the girl would not address him directly. She would whisper something to Cummins and he would repeat what she said. Then, when he looked at the car, he noticed it didn’t have a license plate.

He considered detaining the two himself, but decided to call the police instead.

The police department worked with the cabin owner on a plan to arrest Cummins. The owner asked Cummins to help him build a rock wall outside. Cummins came out of the cabin willingly and was arrested.

Gilley told reporters that Cummins appeared relieved to see the police.

Cummins told them:

“I’m glad this is over.”

During interrogations, Cummins admitted that he had driven to Siskiyou COunty to “seek refuge” in the rural cabin.

But Thomas had a difference response once inside the interrogation room.

Gilley told reporters:

“It was very traumatic for her. She experienced a rollercoaster of emotions […] Her response escalated during our interview with her. She was emotional at times, sometimes stoic.”

According to the Tennessean, Maury County District Attorney Brent Cooper said that investigators have plenty of work ahead to build a case against Cummins and to protect the victim:

“Our main concern now is how is she emotionally. Whether she was brainwashed or went willingly? We don’t know what the situation is yet.”

Inside the cabin, police discovered two loaded guns and stolen license plates.

Cummins will be held in California until he is extradited to the state of Tennessee. his arraignment will start on Friday, where he will more than likely face local and federal charges.

Thomas was first reported missing  from a rural town 50 miles outside of Nashville, TN, on March 13. The pair was seen at a Walmart in Oklahoma two days later.

Police are now working o building a timeline out of their actions during those days they were missing and the details around the disappearance.