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Wait Until Libs Hear About Bill O’Reilly’s VERY GENEROUS Severance Package

Former Fox News icon Bill O’Reilly may not be too upset about his dismissal from the giant cable news network.

According to “two well-placed” CNN sources, he’ll be walking away from his two-decade tenure with Fox News as it’s “Factor” host with an eight-figure severance package — a golden parachute of sorts worth tens of millions of dollars.

The severance package is based on a portion of the $100 million, four-year contract the “Factor” host had signed right before his dismissal.

“It is a staggering amount,” one of the sources told CNNMoney.

When former FNC CEO Roger Ailes left the network last summer under similar sexual harassment allegations, he walked away with the full balance of his contract – over $40 million.

Each source independently told CNNMoney that the contract renewal O’Reilly signed in March was for four years at $25 million per year. However, he will not collect the full balance of his contract as did Ailes, because the network gave itself some “outs.”

Via BPR:

O’Reilly’s latest accuser turned out to be a somewhat familiar Fox News face. Although she announced Wednesday that she’d been harassed by O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, another former O’Reilly colleague, expressed doubt about the veracity of the claims.

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter incensed the left after he reported the O’Reilly severance package. They thought he should be headed to jail rather than the bank.