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Sex Traffickers Took Kidnapped Girls to ‘Sugar Shack’ They Used A Horrible Method to Keep Them

A 17-year-old Indiana girl was pulled into a nightmare situation in August 2016 when a silver sedan pulled up next to her on the street.

The girl, who has not been named by police, was simply minding her own business when Indianapolis residents Dale “Mac” Brown and Nahtahna Gracia Herrera threatened her.

According to Fox 59, the teen told investigators that “Mac showed her a gun and told her to get into the car.”

She was soon taken to  726 North Rochester  Avenue – better known on the street as the “Sugar Shack.”

This place is where Mac and Herrara, along with Vaughn Isom and Tyrece Jones, were committing horrible crimes against underage women.

The teen quickly tried to escape but was grabbed by Herrara, who “held her down on the floor by her upper arms” while “Mac injected her with dope in between her toes,” says Fox 59.

She was not the only girl there either. At least two other minors – in addition to several adult women – were being kept in the house, according to court documents.

They too were likely injected with drugs – a tactic used by the captors to get the girls addicted to drugs and force them into prostitution.

Another underage girl told investigators “she was given marijuana, cocaine, and meth.”

A criminal complaint obtained by The Indy Star reads:

By supplying them with drugs illegally, Isom created both a supply and demand.

The girls needed the drugs, so they would engage in commercial sex to pay for the drugs, and when they ‘worked’ and had money for drugs, there was a demand for the substances, which Isom supplied.

Herrara was in charge of finding customers, and posted ads for the girls – and herself – on Backpage.com

The 17-year-old said she was forced to have sex with random men for several days. her captors told her to make $5,000 if she wanted her freedom, according to WishTV.

After being forced to prostitute herself for days, the teen took a risk.

She told one of her “Johns” that she was underage and “Being held against her will.”

The man decided to help her escape after hearing her story. He drove her back to her father’s home, according to WishTV.

Her nightmare finally ended.

Three of the “Sugar Shack” residents, Herrara, Jones, and Isom, are now facing federal sex trafficking and kidnapping charges after police matched the victims’ testimony to the prostitution ads.

One of the accused sex traffickers, Mac, died of an overdose in November 2016 – before he could be brought to justice.

In what is even more gruesome, Herrara was revealed to be a relative to one of her victims.

All of the women and girls are now on the road to recovery, according to Founder of Restored Inc. CEO Tracy McDaniel. She told Fox 59:

“We have to take things day by day. A lot of times there’s relapse. The girls often run. So every day’s a new day and we just have to work through that day to try to get them to a place of recovery and restoration.”

All of the accused sex traffickers are now facing life sentences.