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Insane School Punishment Over Water Gun Goes to Unexpected Place and Gets Caught Up in Litigation

An Alabama high school student was expelled for an entire year after being caught with a water pistol…not just from one school, but from every school in the county.

Sara Allena “Laney” Nichols, a student at Prattville High School, was dealt the penalty by the Autauga County Board of Education for having water guns on campus, the Montgomery Advertiser reported.

Nichols’ mother, Tara Herring, said her daughter served a 10-day suspension for the incident when the school board decided to give her an even harsher punishment.

“She’s 16 and doesn’t know what it means when you hear ‘gun’ on campus,” Herring told the Advertiser. “We admit what she did was wrong. I was hoping this could be a teachable moment for her. We’re not saying she should not have been punished. But she took a 10-day suspension. And then the board expelled her.”

“We feel the expulsion is excessive,” she added.

According to Herring, a male classmate gave her daughter the black water piston and she put it in her backpack before putting it in the backseat of her car. A student saw the exchange and, believing it was a real gun, reported the incident.

“Laney admitted she had the gun and told them it was a water gun and in her car,” Herring explained. “She and the other boy were silly and made a mistake. But the punishment she received was completely out of line for what happened.”

The matter is now in the hands of lawyers and there are questions of whether sexual discrimination may be at play after the same male student was allegedly involved in a similar incident with another male student, with the two boys reportedly receiving in-school suspension, not expulsion.