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CNN Panel Claims that Trump Would Not Be President if Not for Bill O’Reilly! Did They Forget Hillary?!

Former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly’s public ousting for alleged sexual harassment was was a major news item across all TV media, including CNN.

So much so, that CNN took it over the top when an anchor made the claim that Donald Trump’s presidency was an O’Reilly creation.

“I want to pivot to Bill O’Reilly,” CNN “Early Start” anchor Alison Kosik said Thursday morning at about the 27:10 mark into the broadcast.

She stated that President Donald Trump defended O’Reilly as a “good person” two weeks before in a New York Times interview.

Believing that “I don’t think Bill did anything wrong,” Trump told the paper O’Reilly should not have agreed to settle previous harassment claims lodged against him.

“What’s behind this – this defense coming from Donald Trump?” Kosik wanted to know of CNN’s politics reporter Tal Kopan.

“And if you think about Bill O’Reilly, you know, he sort of created this movement, didn’t he? And many think that if there was no Bill O’Reilly, there would be no President Donald Trump.”

Kopan agreed that there was a long relationship that developed between O’Reilly and Trump as well as Fox News and Trump.

“He would call in frequently and talk to them,” she said. “And you, know, even through the campaign and the beginning of his presidency, O’Reilly was one of his key stops when he tried to sell his message.”

Kopan went on to say that the network played a role in creating Trump’s conservative persona.

“And then, on top of that, you get into sort of the theory of conservatism and populism, and how Fox News and O’Reilly in particular really sort of pioneered that style. Certainly, you know, the Trump effect owes quite a bit to that groundwork.”

Kopan also found it curious that Trump would defend O’Reilly on the sexual misconduct claims “given…the infamous tape that came out about Donald Trump.”

Trump and O’Reilly “have been friends for decades,” “Early Start” co-anchor Dave Briggs said. “A good question — would we have President Trump if we didn’t have Bill O’Reilly? Thank you, Tal.”

Of course, this gave social media a heck of a chuckle: