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O’Reilly is Fired from Fox But THe Person replacing Him is Causing an Even Bigger Stir

After advertisers pulled from the popular O’Reilly Factor it was only a matter of time before Bill O’Reilly’s days would be numbered. With the news of his termination comes the conversation of who would replace him and the three names being tossed around that’s causing a stir.

The Daily Mail is reporting that it’s now become official. “New reports are coming in that O’Reilly has officially been dropped by Fox News, and executives are already trying to figure out who his replacement will be,” according to the Truth Monitor. Now, were learning about the lucky three who could take his coveted spot and we’re sure conservatives are going to be pretty happy about one in particular.

After O’Reilly’s sons, James and Lachlan, reportedly pressured Fox News Chairman Rupert Murdoch into releasing their father from the $20 million-a-year contract he signed a few weeks ago, three Fox hosts are up to snag his role. Eric Bolling, Dana Perino and the new favorite of the station, Tucker Carlson, could soon take his place which doesn’t seem controversial to some, but it apparently is to others.

Via Freedom Daily:

Both Bolling and Perino have co-hosted on the wildly popular Fox show, The Five. Carlson is new to the scene with his hugely rated show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, which has broken record ratings since hitting the air.

Although he’s the newest to the Fox New family, Carlson is a strong contender since his current show on the network is already a massive hit. However, the left absolutely abhors Carlson, who calls it like it is and doesn’t play the center-of-the-aisle game like his predecessor, Megyn Kelly, did. It’s for this reason that liberals probably want to see less of him because, as we have seen, the truth hurts and they definitely don’t like when honesty is rewarded, as it would be in this case.

A lot of conservatives are shocked and disheartened by what’s come out about Bill O’Reilly and genuinely hate to see him go, no matter who would replace him. He’s been on the air for years and viewers have come to enjoy and respect his opinion and style while criticizing Carlson recently for being “too overboard” as we’ve seen in social media comments on the matter. It’s hard to know if the allegations against O’Reilly are real or just an attempt to cash in on a celebrity, bit we hope Fox did their research prior to making this huge move.

Any one of these three would be a welcome change to the seemingly scandal-ridden host they’d be replacing and a fresh new vibe that the network will either benefit from or learn a tough lesson too late of how many people sided with O’Reilly instead.

Who would you like to see take his place, or do you feel that O’Reilly shouldn’t have been let go? Please let us know in the comments.