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Kid Mouths ‘Fake News’ While CNN’s Acosta Broadcasts Live on Television!

Jim Acosta has become the face of “fake news.”

Especially, after getting blown out of the water by then President-elect Trump in January.

“Your organization is terrible,” Trump said to Acosta in January, following up later with a hearty, and now legendary, “You are fake news!”

Was it really a surprise on Monday then when Acosta found himself being photobombed by what seems like an 11-year-old kid?

During the 11:00 am news hour, Acosta was reporting live during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll when a kid in a green shirt appeared on the bottom left hand of the screen behind Acosta’s right arm, cupping his hands and mouthing what seems like “fake news” to the camera.

You have to watch the video below and see it for yourself: