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Glenn Beck Launches Counterattack on Tomi Lahren. Reveals She Has Been a Problem for a Long Timem

The drama between Glenn Back and his former top star on The Blaze, Tomi Lahren, took a huge step towards an inevitable falling out.

The Blaze filed a countersuit to Lahren’s lawsuit that alleged she was wrongfully terminated by The Blaze after appearing on ABC’s “The View” and revealing that she was a pro-choice conservative.

The countersuit alleges that the conservative firebrand abused he staff and violated her contract, according to CNN.

It also said she was “inappropriate and unprofessional” with her show’s crew and she frequently complained about studio conditions, according to the 35 page counterclaim.

“Lahren turned down a number of advertisers on TheBlaze for unexplained reasons, limiting any chance for TheBlaze to recoup its investment into her and her show,” the suit claimed, adding that it had to address her “word choice on air” because she bordered on being profane.

The countersuit said Lahren’s “employment agreement with TheBlaze remains in full force and effect” and “she continues to be employed (and paid) by TheBlaze, and she has access to her social media accounts, as well as a Facebook page TheBlaze created and maintains.”

“When TheBlaze informed Lahren that her show was suspended for one week, it also advised her that it would continue to honor her contract (as it has and continues) and would invoke its rights to ‘pay or play’ (which means they pay her but keep her off the air),” it said.

“TheBlaze has had employment issues with Lahren for well over a year,” it said, and claimed that her appearance on “The View” was “simply the latest in a series of events that led TheBlaze management to conclude TheBlaze did not intend to extend her contract beyond the end of its term in September 2017.”

The network was also upset by Lahren’s appearance on ABC’s “Nightline” where she asked her employer to “Let me go. Let me move on,”

“All of these statements violated Lahren’s obligations in the Employment Agreement.  Thus, Lahren not only breached her Employment Agreement, she repeatedly misstated facts in order to increase coverage of her lawsuit,” The Blaze’s lawsuit claimed.

In Lahren’s lawsuit, she alleged that Beck and The Blaze smeared her publicly after her appearance on “The View.”