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Trump was Right All Along! This American City Has Been Taken Over by Radical Muslims…

Sanctuary cities have run loose for far too long.

The Obama administration incentivized them, but the Trump administration plans to minimize them as much as possible. Dearborn, Michigan is one such city. A city that has been overrun by illegal immigrations, with an influx of mosques and Islamic stores.

Many of these political refugees are on welfare and using entitlement benefits, which means that American taxpayers are the ones paying for their lifestyle.

These communities also see a higher incidence of violence and religious crimes. With traditionally majority people being treated as minorities, such as Christians having stones thrown at them.

Allowing people to move to the United States is allowing them to start a new life and integrate with the new society. It is not to allow people to set up show and reinvent what they had back home.

Hopefully, under the new administration, Trump will work to clean these neighborhoods up and ensure no new ones like these are established.