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Woman Discovers Car Filled with Cement, Then Discovers Why Husband Did It

This is a strange story of a man in a struggling marriage who gets his revenge on his wife in the cruelest way possible. He was upset that she had changed her surname. She took an offer from her workplace to change her surname to the business name.

While that was a strange move for the company, the estranged husband’s response was even stranger.


This story began when the unnamed St. Petersburg, Russia couple allowed their marriage problems get the best of them. The wife was offered a big raise from the supermarket chain she worked for to change her name to the store name “Veniy”… but she forgot to tell her husband about the big plan. The store had promised to pay people around $875 a month to change their name to the store’s name, and to pay for as long as the participant kept their surname “Veniy”. That’s no small thing to keep from her husband so the man felt lied to because of the omission.

The husband’s response was even crazier than the supermarket’s promotional offer! The husband hired a cement truck driver to back up the truck to his wife’s red sedan and fill the car with cement. The husband sounded pretty pleased about his work as he laughed at the cement filled car while passers-by filmed and took pictures. The husband reportedly took his anger out on the car because he knew that the car was his wife’s greatest treasure as she kept the car inside and out in pristine condition.

The YouTube of the incident has gone viral with thousands of comments in a handful of days. Some commenters expressed concern about how extreme the husband’s reaction was saying they hope he gets fined or jailed for his actions.

It seems to be funny for a second, but once you realize that even if she begins cleaning before the cement dries….it’ll be in everything. There is no way that woman will get all that cement out. It will be a disaster to clean.