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The Woman Who Harassed an Overweight Man at McDonald’s Just Got an INSTANT Dose of Karma

While a girl was standing in line to order at McDonald’s a group of mean women walked up to her and started shaming other customers for being fat.

At first, the two bullies go after a “disgusting” man who they claim “shouldn’t even be inhere” since he looks like that. The man is clearly upset by the remarks, but tries to not hear them.

But from there the two girls escalate their bullying only to make even more people upset.

The girls tell the fat young man to “stop eating” and “jog on” because he’s “so fat already.” Other bystanders are shell shocked by the girls’ hatred.

One asks, “What is your problem?” but the girl retorts back that she is “just trying to help him.”

“What, you think he should just carry on eating McDonald’s? He’s fat, he should leave,” the bully says before suggesting that the man should “order a f*****g salad.”

Things get more and more heated. Another customer walks to the women and shows them that he has a belly as well. They are not impressed by him defending another man’s obesity.

But things got so upsetting, the man lifts up his drink and pours it over one of the bully’s heads.

“You can’t treat him like that, how dare you,” he says as he pours his sugary drink over the girl’s head. The other customers in the McDonald’s cheer on the man as he bullies the bullies at their own game forcing them to take the soda.

The video has been viewed millions of times on YouTube, but it has gotten mixed reviews.

In general, the public is angry though:

“Good on the bloke standing up for a stranger,” wrote one user.

Another user said: “They may be thin and pretty, but what evil, nasty, vile individuals these two poor excuses for females are. Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover! Well done to the gentleman that stood up for that lovely young man!”

But more people accused the video of being fake:

“I like that someone helps the guy (who is getting verbally attacked) but it’s FAKE, look and listen at her reaction when he spills the drink over her, she says it in a way when a person knows they have a surprise party and walk in and shout ‘Oh my God…’.”

“Why are both of these women mic up? I can clearly hear them.”

Skeptics were right, the video was fake. It was actually a prank filmed by the YouTube channel Trollstation to build up views and make money from viewers. The group is committed to “bizarre and often surreal pranks” on the public.