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China’s Military Made a HUGE Move, Look at the Major Event that is About to Go Down NOW

China is now stepping up to Kim Jong-Un and pushing back.

Kim has been testing the patience of various nations and China is poised to strike back. China’s made a very definite red line in the sand, if North Korea crosses China’s border then it is war.

To show North Korea how serious they are, China is sending 25,000 troops to the North Korean border to prepare for a possible war.

According to Zero Hedge:

“China has a bottom line that it will protect at all costs, that is, the security and stability of northeast China… If the bottom line is touched, China will employ all means available including the military means to strike back. By that time, it is not an issue of discussion whether China acquiesces in the US’ blows, but the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will launch attacks to DPRK nuclear facilities on its own.”

The Oriental Daily news reports that Beijing has ordered troops from all five of its military regions to be on high alert because of the escalating crisis in the region. Also, UPI reports that China’s armored and mechanized infantry brigades in the provinces of Shandong, Zhejian and Yunnan have received similar state mandates.

So, it is clear that China means business.

You can watch the video about the impending strike below:

Despite both China, and the United States stationing their weapons and aiming them at North Korea, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping is urging President Trump to not take action. Xi wants Trump to pursue a peaceful resolution.

Zero Hedge reports:

“China insists on realizing the denuclearization of the peninsula, insists on maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula, and advocates resolving the problem through peaceful means,” Xi was quoted as saying in the call according to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang, who said Trump had initiated the call, urged everyone to lower the tension. “We hope that the relevant parties do not adopt irresponsible actions. Under the current circumstances, this is very dangerous,” Lu told reporters at a regular press briefing.  Kang also said Wednesday at a regular briefing in Beijing that it was a “good thing” that the two leaders were in touch again days after meeting in Florida.