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Teen Bullies Do the Unthinkable After Mother Tries to Protect Her Daughter from Them

This clip reveals a mother, who was in a white shirt, trying to reason with the girls before trying to get her daughter out of a violent situation.

It’s a little difficult to hear through the screaming, but the mother yells: “Don’t take it out on her, she’s a child.’

The daughter is seen crying as the teens start to surround them.

One of the teens starts to scream and shoves the mom back to provoke her. The mom, seeing various men standing nearby, petitions them to help her and her daughter.

But they do nothing.

The mother ends up being forced to confront the bully, and is overwhelmed by the number of the teen girls, she finally is forced to retreat back to safety while her daughter can be heard screaming that she wants to go home.