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New Report Suggests Bill O’Reilly Could Not Be Returning to Fox News….It is Up to the Family Now

Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly announced that he was going on vacation. Now it is being revealed that some executives don’t want him back.

For anonymous sources spoke to the New York Magazine and each claimed that O’Reilly’s days are numbered.

While Fox news Co-President Bill Shine has campaigned to keep O’Reilly, the Murdoch family that runs the network is divided.

“It’s up to the family,” one source told the magazine.

The report says 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch wants O’Reilly gone, but his father Rupert and his older brother Lachlan – the company’s executive co-chairman – disagree.

A similar dynamic existed last year when former Chairman Roger Ailes’ sexual harassment surfaced. James called for his immediate release while Rupert did what he could to keep Ailes on board.

Lawyers from the firm hired last year to investigate Ailes have been brought back to conduct a thorough investigation into O’Reilly’s history.

Michael Wolff, writing in the Hollywood Reporter, said the controversy surrounding the future of O’Reilly is indicative of a divide within the Murdoch family for how to run the news channel.

“Last July, after Gretchen Carlson sued … 21st Century Fox and Roger Ailes, the then-head of Fox News Channel, for sexual harassment, Rupert Murdoch told his sons, both Ailes enemies, that paying off Carlson without a fight would mean more lawsuits,” Wolff wrote. “Easy-money settlements always bring more claims. James and Lachlan Murdoch, however, were eager to get rid of their nemesis, and the most direct way to do that was to accept Carlson’s claims after a quickie investigation and then use a big payoff — $20 million — to end the dispute and calm the storm.”

“It’s a particular sort of irony that Fox, which, to the delight of its audience, built itself on rejecting liberal assumptions, might now be brought down by such a signature liberal assumption: Where there are charges of sexual harassment, there is sexual harassment,” Wolff wrote.

O’Reilly announced Tuesday that he would take a vacation until April 24, saying the time off was planned since October.

But the announcement also coincides with the decision by 60 companies to pull their advertising spots on The O’Reilly Factor, which has been the most-watched show on cable news for more than a decade.

Total paid advertising time on his program fell from an average of more than 14 minutes per show during March to less than five minutes.