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It Seemed Like a Fun Time at the Pool….Until They Realized the Man was Trying to Drown His Stepdaughter

A man was arrested after allegedly trying to drown his 3-year-old stepdaughter by throwing her into a hotel pool in Mexico repeatedly while her mother was sleeping.

The man’s actions were caught on security cameras, and the footage was posted online.

In the video, the girl’s father is seen pushing the girl under water despite her struggling, says Inside Edition.

After throwing her, he gets into the pool and stands next to her, observing her while she fights to stay afloat without helping at all.

The father was then seen pulling her up for air, only to push her down again.

The girl flapped her limbs frantically to stay alive.

She stopped breathing and was taken to a hospital. Autopsies show that the young girl died from secondary drowning.

The man was charged with homicide for his actions