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Google Home Has Made Burger King’s Latest Online Ad Backfire in a Huge Way!

If you’ve recently watched YouTube videos, you know you can skip most ads that play before videos after about 10 to 15 seconds.

That means that companies putting ads on YouTube don’t always have a lot of time to pitch their products. Some companies just throw in a cheeky slogan and the name of the product before viewers skip to the content.

With their latest ad, Burger King decided to take things one step further and ask Google Home for help. Except…it didn’t work the way they wanted –

In all honesty, it was a clever way to make a very short ad. After all, having Google Home read the Wikipedia entry makes sense.

But they probably shouldn’t have relied on a website like Wikipedia, which can be edited by anyone.

It’s no surprise that pranksters took to Wikipedia to mess with the Burger King’s ad campaign. It could have been any company though – I strongly doubt it was malice towards Burger King, but more importantly an opportunity that these people thought they couldn’t pass up.

Well, at least it got people talking about Burger King for a short while.