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Feds Raid Massage Parlor in Texas…..But What They Find Hidden in the Pipes…

What federal agents in Austin, Texas found in the drainage pipes at Jade Massage Therapy LLC, ha reached a new level of depraved.

The business, run by husband and wife, Joseph Emery and Juan Wang, came under suspicion on February 7, with the property manager of the parlor noticing something wasn’t right.

The unidentified employee noticed that the toilet had become clogged and when investigation what was blocking the system, the manager made a discovery that exposed what the owners had been doing for months.

“She ‘became aware of a problem when an industrial waste disposal unit connecting the property to city sewer services became clogged and destroyed by hundreds of condoms,’ affidavits for Wang and Emery state,” My San Antonio reports.

The property manager suspected that the paid was running a prostitution ring after finding over 100 condoms getting into the public sewer system. After a raid was conducted on the parlor, the employee’s suspicion were right.

What makes matters worse is that the damage caused is still lingering after Emery and Wang’s arrest. The pipes have been destroyed by the large amount of condoms accumulated.

Jade Massage was so profitable that the couple was able to open two additional parlors, both allegedly offered sex for cash. The secret paarlor service brought in so much money that the couple was once stopped by TSA who found “found $30,000 in ‘duct taped bundles’ of cash in her possession,” according to MySA.com. This was apparently easy to earn by a mostly male clientele who paid $60 for sex and reportedly tipped $40-$120.