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FBI Just Obtained Warrant….Now They Can Go After Former Trump Adviser!

Carter Page is now in deep trouble. Trump’s team claims he was never connected to them, but that is not true. Page was the adviser to the Trump campaign early on.

Trump did cut Page off early as well, and it seems to be for good reason. It turns out the FBI did have a FISA warrant against Page. The reason why? Because Page was approached in 2013 by the Russians to spy for them. He claims he turned them down….but he did in fact meet with them. Page hasn’t been charged with any crime, which means that they probably have nothing on him.

Despite that, the FBI still suspects that Page was an agent for the Russians. One of those reasons could be the fact that Page is big on investments in Russia….particularly oil and gas. Now, this is in no way proof that President Trump has colluded with the Russians, but it does reveal that his camp was vulnerable to collusion by the Russians.

From The Daily Caller:

The FBI gained approval from a secret federal court last summer to conduct communications surveillance against Carter Page, a former adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, The Washington Post is reporting.

The revelation confirms for the first time that a federal surveillance warrant, known as a FISA warrant, was issued for a member of the Trump campaign as part of a federal investigation of potential ties between the Republican’s associates and the Russian government.

In the application for the warrant, federal officials laid out what they said was evidence that there was probable cause showing that Page was acting as an agent of the Russian government, officials told The Post.

That evidence included contacts in 2013 with Russian spies who tried to recruit Page in New York City. The details of that recruitment attempt were laid out in a sealed FBI complaint filed in Jan. 2015. BuzzFeed News published the complaint earlier this month. Page denied that he was successfully recruited or that he shared any sensitive information with the agents.