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Ashley Judd Has Strange Response to Man Being Dragged Off United Plane: “Dear United, I’ll wear leggings….”

Ashley Judd will take any opportunity she can to make something controversial about her liberal agenda.

This was the case when United Airlines brutalized and dragged a passenger off a flight it overbooked, which horrored people of all types, as was evidenced by the social media response and the horrible financial losses United received.

Judd thought it was important to bring it back to her agenda of pushing the idea of the world being sexist by mentioning a weeks old controversy from United.

Judd was referring to the situation involved United Airlines workers who were removed from a flight because they only wore leggings.

The controversy was actually justified in that the attire was against company policy.

As always, Judd was reminded by social media that the two situations were far from the same.