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Wife of 92-Year-Old Came Home to Note from Caregiver, Police Quickly Hunted Her Down!

Because 23-year-old caregiver, Jenna M. Boyle, was tired of dealing with her 92-year-old patient, she wrote a note and walked out the door abandoning him. The woman was hired to take care of Harold Longley, 92, because he had to spend hours alone.

Despite her job, Boyle walked out of the Sterling, New York home leaving on a hand-written note. While she could have called or sent a text message to Longley’s wife, she decided not to. Because the 92-year-old needed around the clock care after suffering from two strokes, his life was in danger during his abandonment.

Hours later, Longley’s wife returned home to discover Boyle left her post. And then she found the disturbing note…

Longley’s wife picked up the note, which was written on stationary with a blue star with red streamers, and read:

“I want to apologize for leaving this way, but I feel I can no longer care for Harold. I don’t know if you’ve heard anything back from the insurance company or not, but I think they are going to find that I’m not technically certified. I was under the impression that MetLife was a private insurance company. But I think it’s part of Medicare-paid which I’m not certified to work under Medicaid/Medicare paid programs right now.

“Also, I really feel like I need this time to get working on my service hours. I don’t want to do this and again, I apologize.”

The note was signed Jenna. She then added a post script which reads:

“Harold ate his lunch good, and I gave him his breathing treatment and Jeveity. He is good until 4:00.”

Because Boyle left without calling Longley’s wife or waiting until someone could arrive and take her post, she now faces charges.

Barbara Longley, Harold’s wife, is upset that Boyle didn’t consult a nurse or anyone before leaving. Because she loves her husband, Barbara called the man’s nurse first. She told her to call the police because what Boyle did was criminal.

Although Barbara Longley didn’t want Boyle to get in trouble, she had to look after her husband’s welfare. She also doesn’t want Boyle to have an opportunity to look after others as she isn’t fit for the job.

“Well, it upsets you. I called the nurse that had worked with me before and I asked her what I should do and she said call the sheriff. So, that’s what I did and they came up,” Barbara said.

Cayuga County Sheriff David Gould said that Boyle faces a charge of endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person.

“Ms. Boyle decided she no longer wished to care for the gentleman leaving him unattended until family arrived several hours later to find him alone and a note from Ms. Boyle,” Gould said in a release.

Do you think this girl’s actions was criminal or not?