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Spoiled Brat Assaults Parents After Receiving Gift! You Won’t Believe The Reason Why

A video of a man beating up two people believed to be his parents has gone viral, but the reason he did it has shocked even more people.

The trio reportedly got into an argument that escalated outside a real estate office in Harbin, China, after the parents bought him an apartment as a wedding present, reports the Shanghaiist.

One would think that most would be grateful, even if they weren’t a huge fan of the space itself. But not this guy.

When the son found out what apartment they had purchased for him, he reportedly decided that it was too small for his liking and completely lost it.

Onlookers were shocked to see the man hitting the couple. The video shows them trying to block his attacks, but not hitting him back. When they discovered that the man’s victims were his parents, passersby immediately got involved by chasing him down the street, holding him down and calling the police, who brought him to the station, where he told them the reason for his tantrum.

The video has invoked anger online, with many people saying the man suffers from what is known as “Little Emperor Syndrome,” the alleged result of China’s one-child policy, where some say that there are more spoiled only children in the country due to doting parents and children who did not learn to compromise with siblings, according to a 2013 NPR report.

“My parents, they give me everything,” 23-year-old A.J. Song from Guizhou, China, told NPR. “I’m the center of attention in the family.”