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Liberal Death Threats Against Trump Cabinet Member FORCES Her to have $7.8 Million Security Cost

After getting wave after wave of death threats, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has now accommodated with more security measures costing somewhere around $7.8M taxpayer dollars so far.

While trying to visit a middle school in February, DeVos was accosted by a large group of progressive protestors who barred her entrance into the school. She was lead to the back entrance, surrounded by security.

From Breitbart:

In February, DeVos, a supporter of charter schools, was accosted by a group of progressive protesters who barred her entry to Jefferson Middle School Academy in D.C. The protesters carried signs reading “Black Lives Matter,” and “Feminists Are the Majority.” At least one screamed, “Shame!” at DeVos when the newly emplaced Ed Sec arrived at the school. The protesters prevented DeVos from entering the school’s front doors and she had to be let in through a back entrance, surrounded by security.

You rarely hear about the Secretary of Education, as it is seemingly a low-key position to many. Unfortunately, because she was chosen by Trump, DeVos has acquired a shockingly large number of death threats.

Because of this, the U.S. Marshals had to hire additional security to deal with the increase in plans.

There are fewer things more terrible than sending someone a death threat, but simply sending a death threat because you disagree with their politics is downright insane.