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Fox’s Howard Kurtz Addresses the O’Reilly Sexual Harassment Saga

At the end of Sunday’s Fox News’s “MediaBuzz,” host Howard Kurtz quickly addressed the situation revolving around one of the biggest stars on the network.

With it being over a week since The New York Times ran a piece detailing millions of dollars that have been paid out in sexual harassment settlements involving Bill O’Reilly, Kurtz highlighted the fact that dozens of advertisers have removed their commercials from “The O’Reilly Factor.

“It’s been a rough week of media coverage for Fox News,” Kurtz said. “It has even drawn in the President of the United States.”

Kurtz referenced last week’s New York Times interview of President Donald Trump where he came to defend O’Reilly.

Kurtz added that O’Reilly has denied any wrongdoing and has stated that he is vulnerable to lawsuits and wanted to “put to rest any controversies that spare” his children.

Along with discussing the O’Reilly saga, Kurtz brought up issues of sexual harassment surrounding the network’s former chief, Roger Ailes.

“This has been a difficult and uncomfortable period for the people who work here,” he explained. Kurtz went on to say that network’s culture was undergoing a change.