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Former Obama Admin Official Exposed Obama…..Reveals Obama’s Secret About Syria!

After President Trump’s retaliation to chemical warfare that Syria used on its own people, there has been a lot of questions about why Syria has these weapons, and why we weren’t aware.

During former President Obama’s administration, we were assured that Syria was relieved of all its chemical weapons and there was nothing to be worried that. This came from both Obama and National Security Advisor, Susan Rice.

Apparently, now that was never the whole story.

Opinion Editor Seth Mandel released a quote from former Obama State Department official Antony Blinken in Sunday’s New York Times:

This is the article in its entirety.

Blinkin wasn’t the only one who saw this preventable attack from coming. Dan Shapiro, who was a member of Obama’s National Security Council had this to say:

However, he believes the lying was a great idea.