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After Being Fired, Tomi Lahren Gets Back at Glenn Beck in HUGE Way. This is Going to Get Ugly

The Dallas News is reporting that Tomi Lahren has filed a suit against her former employer, Glenn Beck, and the media outlet she used to work for, TheBlaze.

Lahren’s show on TheBlaze was first suspended, then canceled completely, after an appearance on “The View” where she revealed that she was pro-choice and called conservatives hypocrites.

According to Lahren’s suit, Beck wanted to keep compensating her to “find an exit strategy to sanitize their unlawful conduct” regarding her termination due to her comments.

It also says that the controversy surrounding her remarks was all an effort to “inflate” Beck’s profile because of his own “mediocre following.”

In addition to this, the suit also claims that she was told to be silent on social media while her coworkers placed an “X” on her dressing room door.

Another item disputed is her Facebook page, which has over 4.2 million followers.

Lahren says that her page is not the property of TheBlaze.