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Muslim Leads Prayer Against Infidels in Senate, Then A Veteran Steps In!

Two Muslim men took to the Delaware Senate floor to pray to Allah in Islamic Prayer. The truly shameful part was that the Senators of the state, many of them, even bowed their heads in reverence, and join them in a prayer.

But there was one man in attendance that understood the lack of respect that was going on, and was compelled to stand and state what he believed to be true. In fact, this man even has experience with this religion, as it was practiced in its most extreme way.

The man, Sen. Dave Lawson is a veteran. He had some words to share with all those in attendance.

Lawson took to the floor after the prayer, and recital of Islamic scripture was performed, and disciplined his fellow senators for their poor example of courage and respect for their nation. He noted they bowed in reverence for a religion that called for the demise of their country, and the people. Most were left in complete  silence:

“We just heard from the Quran, which calls for our very demise. I fought for this country, not to be damned by someone that comes in here and prays to their God for our demise. I think that’s despicable.”

Unfortunately it was David McBride, of course a Democrat, that sided with the ‘Religion of Peace’, and spoke in rebuke of Lawsons words:

“I have never been of the mind to censure the words of other members, but I also believe deeply that words have consequences. To criticize the sacred prayer of another religion from the floor of the Senate strikes me as antithetical to everything we ought to stand for as lawmakers.”

Bu that was when Lawson came back swinging and hit McBride, pointing out an undeniable truth:

“Their belief flies in the face of our Constitution. This is not our Bible, we should not be allowing them to pray from that book in our house, just as I do not believe I would be allowed to pray from my Bible in their house.”