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Black Woman Beats Couple Half to Death with Hammer, Gets Away with Crime for Horrible Reason!

Racial tensions in our nation are high. Now, a Massachusetts husband and wife have been left traumatized after what a black woman armed with a hammer did to them at a gas station in New Jersey.

Bob and Cathy explained to Fox 25 News that they stopped to get gas on the way home from a boating vacation in Florida. However, they weren’t prepared for the incident that was about to go down. While Bob was in the process of fueling his car, a woman spotted him and started screaming in his direction.

Enraged over seeing “fancy white people,” at the gas station, the woman then left her vehicle from several pumps over armed with a hammer, where she then went straight for Bob’s face. The husband explained what happened next:

“I hear this lady, 2 pump islands over yelling something about a message,” Bob recalled. “I’m like I don’t know who she’s talking to … she gets in my face and says, ‘You got a message for me with your fancy boat?’ Her hand came up, my glasses go flying, she was starting to scratch the hell out of my face. She starts punching me, scratching at me. She called my wife a white *expletive* and spit in her face.”

Cathy saw the ruckus going on from within the store, leaving to see her husband being attacked with blood going down his face. That’s when the woman attacked Cathy as well:

“She ran over to me. She looked at me and said, ‘I’m tired of you white ‘expletive.’’”

During the attack, WTVR.com reported that the assailant,  identified as Angela M. Jones, was screaming that she was “sick of fancy white people.”

Bob said that before his face was clawed, she began pummeling his Porsche and boat with the hammer.

“She said, ‘I’ve got something in my car that I can put a hole in your boat,’ Bob continued. “I thought it was a gun, but thank God it wasn’t; it was a carpenter hammer.”

Sheriff Tony Lippa of Caroline County, Virginia, responded to the incident, saying that, “She clawed him. He took her to the ground to prevent her from doing any more damage.” Lippa added, “A couple people came over and he lets her up and when he lets her up she starts to attack him again.”

As of now, the woman remains at large. Bob is still shaken up about the incident, concluding, “Whatever she saw in us, she decided to teach me a lesson, I guess.”

H/T Daily Wire