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‘The View’ Wants Trump Out of Office, and it is for an Insane Reason

Whoopi Goldberg is apparently upset because Trump is not standing up to Russia.

Even if you weren’t a fan of Trump’s tone, the people who he appointed are tough on Russia. Nikki Haley has not been afraid to talk tough, but for some reason, the ladies on “The View” are freaked out by that as well.

“I’m freaking out because I see who’s in charge of talking up to other nations,” Goldberg said. “It kind of freaked me out, because I’m used to seeing a little more [oomph] when they’re talking about this.”

“Isn’t somebody supposed to be in charge?” she added.

“He needs to be taken out office. He needs to be impeached. He’s a menace… He’s nuts, and we’re in the middle of it.” Joy Behar said.

And then everyone applauds. it was incredibly unnerving.