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Man Tragically Dies Alone in Bedroom, But it is what the Pastor Finds when Opening the Front Door that will Shock You

A man from Salem, VA, lived in complete isolation…and that’s how he died. He was lonely with no friends.

Enter Pastor Thomas William McCracken III, who agreed to serve as executor to the man’s estate. In December 2016, Pastor McCracken visited the dead man’s cabin for the first time, “What I found inside, I was not prepared for,” he says.

With his initial visit, he was so heartbroken by the man’s living situation that he could not hit record on his camera. Instead, he returned the next day to share with Facebook exactly how this man lived and died alone.

His body was found two days after his death.

The pastor says this sheds light on the cultural problem of not extending our “circle of influence” for those out there why may not be like us, “I hope that it shakes you and wakes you as it has done me,” the minister says to the camera.

In the clip below, he takes viewers through the living room, entertainment center, kitchen, and storage, and the bedroom where the man is said to have passed away.

Pastor McCracken describes the final room, the bathroom, as the most heartbreaking place of all…