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After Swapping Genders, Trans Inmate Gets Hit with HUGE Dose of Reality!

In recent years, transgender rights has become a major issue in America, and now that there is a new administration, one that believes in letting states decide on the issue for themselves, it has become even more controversial.

In another strange case involving a transgendered person, California inmate Shiloh-Heavenly Quine filed a grievance with the federal court in California claiming improper treatment by a women’s prison, according to The Associated Press.

Quine had gender reassignment surgery to become a woman, says the AP, but enough male hormones to keep growing facial hair.

Since her surgery, Quine was transferred to the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla and is considered to be a new inmate. New inmates are denied access to razors until officials are sure they’re not a danger to themselves or others.

And that means Quine was unable to shave.

Quine, who is serving a life sentence for murder, a father of three, actually had taxpayer funded gender reassignment surgery in 2015.

the corrections department even stood by is decision.

“It’s a very thorough process, which is why it can take a while. But it’s a process every inmate goes through,” explained Terry Thornton, a Corrections Department spokeswoman. “There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to male and female inmates.”

The New York Daily News reported that Quine had a history of troubling behavior before “transition” surgery, including five suicide attempts and one attempt to amputate his genitalia.

As a result of this, California could end up giving more comforts to transgendered inmates, including allowing some to wear aftershave, and give others bras and other accessories, reports the AP.